Permanent Representative


2014 Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, Brussels

2013 Special Adviser, MFA

2008 Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Moscow

2005 Ambassador to Poland, Warsaw

2001 Minister Counsellor/DHM, Norwegian Embassy, London

1997 Deputy Director General, Department for Security Policy, MFA

1995 Head of Section for Central and Eastern Europe, MFA

1992 Consul General, Murmansk

1990 Head of NATO Division, MFA

1988 1. Secretary, Norwegian Delegation to NATO, Brussels

1985 Executive Officer, Political Department, MFA

1982 2. Secretary, Norwegian Embassy, Helsinki

1980 Trainee, MFA

Officer training and service.

Master in Political Science, University of Oslo.

Born 28 July 1953 in Oslo. Married to Hilde Løchstøer, three children


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